FELA Lawsuit Funding: Loans on Injured Railroad Workers Cases

With a lawsuit loan on your FELA case, our pre-settlement funding company can help you get cash during the FELA claims process by allowing you to get an advance on the settlement money you're entitled to as financial compensation for your injured railroad workers case.

The Federal Employers Liability Act (commonly known as FELA) is a United States federal law that protects and compensates railroad workers injured on the job for negligence of the railroad. Personal injury lawsuits and especially FELA railroad cases can take a long time to settle. When injuries from a train accident has resulted in lost wages due to missed time at work and finding cash to pay bills is becoming difficult, considering pre-settlement loan to obtain cash funding in advance of your settled case.

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance offers injured railroad workers cash assistance to help alleviate the financial burden of waiting on the money from a FELA case. Railroad injury settlements often take years to resolve. In the meanwhile, train accident settlement funding from Cochran can help employees take care of their financial obligations. Rather than waiting for your lawsuit to finalize, settlement funding is a good option to access cash now. This lawsuit lending option allows you to get a portion of your lawsuit money today.

Get a no-hassle cash advance against your lawsuit settlement in as little as 24 hours. FELA lawsuit funding has many benefits for railroad employees injured in train accidents. With our no-hassle process, there is no credit check and no upfront costs. Based on the injuries you've suffered and your course of your medical treatment, you can get an advance on your settlement from $1,000 to $100,000.

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