Car accident cash advance

Auto Accident Settlement Advance

While waiting on payment from a car accident, many clients often need an advance on their settlement. Pre-settlement funding provides you with a lawsuit cash advance against your car accident settlement, helping to pay for your bills. A car accident settlement advance is not a loan but it allows you to receive a pre-settlement advance on your car accident compensation.

As with other types of personal injury claims, reaching a settlement can take a long time. While you’re waiting for your liability case to settle, you can use pre-settlement funding to help pay for living expenses, mortgage, rent, buy groceries, and other financial obligations.

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Pre-Settlement Funding is a Risk-Free Cash Advance

advance on auto accident settlement money

Insurance companies aggressively defend bodily injury claims against their policyholders. Rather than paying liability claims fairly and promptly, many insurers choose to deny and delay legitimate and valid third-party negligence cases.

Victims of car accidents often wait months even years for a resolution of their case. In the meanwhile, you still need money to pay bills during the time your attorney is negotiating with the claims adjuster.

A lawsuit cash advance is simple and risk free to borrowers. There is no credit check, no fees to pay upfront, and no employment requirements. The advance is paid back from the proceeds of lawsuit payout. Therefore, if you don't win a recovery, you can keep the cash and pay back nothing.


Qualifying for Pre-Settlement Advance on Auto Accident Claims

Qualifying depends on the underwriter's assessment of liability, the injuries were caused to suffered due to the negligent driver, medical treatment, and insurance policy limits.

The eligibility requirements include:

  • You are 18 years of age +
  • You live in the U.S.
  • You suffered pain and suffering because of driver negligence
  • You received medical treatment for your car accident injuries
  • You have hired a personal injury lawyer to represent you in an injury claim.


Simple Legal Funding Process

You begin the process by submitting your application.

After we receive your request for funding, a lawsuit funding specialist will immediately contact your car accident attorney to gather some additional details about your pending case.

Our underwriter will review the information your lawyer sends to us and make a quick determination whether we can help you, and if so the amount of money you can borrow against your pending lawsuit.

The lawsuit cash advance underwriting review typically only take us a few hours to complete. Upon its conclusion, you will receive a phone call providing you with the full details of your application.

  • How long will this take?

The time it takes for you to receive the money does not have to be long. Our objective is to approve clients within 24 hours. At the end of the day, your attorney’s level of cooperation and availability to speak with us will determine how quickly we can approve your cash advance application and fund your case. In fact, if you are borrowing for the first time and your attorney is willing to assist you in this matter, we can try our very best to offer settlement loans same day to help get you same day lawsuit funding for your personal injury case.

  • How do I receive the money?

The money can be sent through Western Union, deposited into your bank account by direct deposit, or a check is mailed directly to you by means of overnight delivery.


Applying for Auto Accident Settlement Advances

Ready to get started? To apply for a pre-settlement advance simply complete the application on this page or calling (888) 475-8027 to speak with a legal funding specialist who can take your application over the phone.

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