Auto Accident Settlement Advance

Auto Accident Settlement Advance: Loans Before Your Settle

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance, the leading car accident pre-settlement funding company, provides auto accident settlement advances to personal injury victims who have car accident lawsuits pending. An auto accident settlement advance, similar to a car accident loan, is the legal funding option that allows you to get an advance on your settlement money while you’re waiting for your auto accident claim to settle. Unlike lawsuit loans, case funding for personal injury claims provides car accident victims with a settlement advance on the car accident money they expect to get from a payout.

The funding products that we offer are all considered risk-free legal lending to borrowers. There’s no credit check, no upfront fees, no monthly payments, and no repayment until you win your car accident case or recover compensation through an out of court settlement.

Cochran Cash lends cash advances for car accident settlements up to $100,000, on a case-by-case basis. Qualifying for settlement advances will depend on the merits or facts of your specific injury case. After you apply for a lawsuit settlement advancement on your case, a pre-settlement funding specialist will immediately contact your attorney for some information about your claim. Apply now if you have a car accident insurance claim pending, hired a lawyer, and need cash assistance now to cover your living expenses until your case settles with the insurance company.

When a car accident is responsible for wrecking your finances and you need money now, rather than settling your auto accident lawsuit quickly, Cochran Cash can help you get some of your car accident money today to cover your medical bills, auto loan payments, rent, living expenses, and more. Get Approved!

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Pre-Settlement Funding Provides Immediate Cash Relief

The majority of people who contact Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance for pre-settlement loans are claimants who urgently need to borrow money against car accident lawsuits. When a motor vehicle crash causes serious injuries that result in lost income, finding the cash to cover everyday expenses can be difficult.

If plaintiffs didn't have to wait so long to recover financial compensation from personal injury lawsuits, perhaps they wouldn't have to consider taking out settlement advances. But since it can take years to obtain compensatory damages from a car accident injury settlement, many clients have no other option but to get pre-settlement funding during the auto insurance claim process.

When serious injuries from an automobile accident has wrecked your financial situation, loans for car accident victims is designed to lend you the cash you need now, allowing you to focus on getting your life back on track before your case settles.

Don’t let the insurance company's delay and deny tactics pressure you into accepting a low settlement offer, far less than what your auto accident case is really worth. Car accident victims use accident loans from pre-settlement funding companies to get cash empowerment and avoid a quick insurance claim settlement by using the settlement advance to wait for much larger car accident settlement payout.

To get started and begin this simple process, all you need to do is put in your application and we'll take care of the rest. We work directly with your law firm to secure the necessary information and in 24 hours, you can potentially have the cash.

Why Cochran Cash

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngGet Cash in 24 Hours

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Credit Check Required

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Job Requirements

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Monthly Payments

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Upfront Fees

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngSimple Funding Process

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngIf You Lose Your Case, Owe Nothing

Car Accident Loan Qualifications

There's really only 1 way to know if you qualify for a pre-settlement advance and that is to submit your application for a quick funding review. However, we can tell you right now if you're eligible to apply. If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, have an attorney, and you're qualify to receive a car accident injury settlement, then you meet the basic eligibility requirements to apply for loans for accident cases before you win an out-of-court settlement or get money from a lawsuit payout.

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Cash Advance Approvals

Individuals injured in car wrecks through no fault of their own are legally entitled to recover monetary compensation from the responsible party, whether driver and/or owner of the automobile. The problems is too many insurance companies just don't like paying car accident injury claims quickly and fairly.

The secret to winning your car accident lawsuit is time. You need time to receive proper medical treatment for your car accident injuries and time for your attorney to negotiate maximum financial compensation from the insurer.

For those plaintiffs seriously injured in an accident, a car accident cash advance gives you the time you need to wait for sufficient compensation from the insurance company. Car accident cash advances are not personal loans. Rather, you get an advance on your injury case now, rather than waiting years for cash from a car accident payout.

Take a look below at plaintiffs who have received risk-free cash advances.

Get Approved for Pre-Settlement Cash Advances Before the Case Settles!


Car Accident injury Settlement

Cochran is committed to helping car accident claimants who expect to get settlement money from car accident lawsuits. The case funding is paid back at settlement time after recovering compensation from a lawsuit payout.


Pedestrian vs auto Accident Lawsuit

Settlement funding is available for pedestrian accident lawsuits. Most borrowers qualifying for loans have filed a personal injury lawsuit after getting hit by a car in a crosswalk or parking lot and are awaiting compensation.


Tractor Trailer accident Settlement

Tractor trailer vs car accidents can cause serious injuries. Truck accident lawsuits take a long time to settle. Fortunately, lawsuit loans against semi-truck accident cases provide immediate cash relief to victims of 18 wheeler accidents.


Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

For victims of motorcycle accidents waiting to receive a fair settlement for their motorcycle crash lawsuit, Cochran Cash provides pre-settlement loans until they get money from their motorcycle accident compensation payout.


Rental Car Accident Settlement

If you got injured in a rental car accident or by a vehicle owned by a rent a car company and need money before reaching a lawsuit settlement, consider loans for rental car accident victims to get funds until the injury claim settles.


Commercial Truck Accident Lawsuits

Commercial truck accident cases come in all forms, sideswipe crashes, rear end accidents, etc. If you need an advance on your commercial truck settlement money today, Cochran Cash provides lawsuit loans to victims of 18 wheeler accidents.


Bus Accident Lawsuit Settlements

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance offer personal injury loans to bus accident victims who have suffered serious injuries. For plaintiffs in the midst of bus passenger accident claims, bus accident loans provide immediate cash assistance before winning lawsuit money from a bus accident settlement.


Hit and Run Accident Lawsuit Cases

Lawsuit funding for hit and run victims is provided to clients expecting to be awarded pain and suffering damages for hit and run injuries. Hit and run lawsuit settlements can take a long time. In the meanwhile, consider getting a pre-settlement advance today on your hit and run insurance claim settlements.


Uber Car Accident Accident Claims

Loans for Uber accident settlements are lawsuit funding tools designed to get you cash now, before you win money from an Uber accident claim. If you got injured in an Uber accident and need money while waiting to settle your Uber passenger accident case, apply now to qualify for Uber accident claim cash advance today.

Getting Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advances in Your Area

Lawsuit settlement cash advances have helped clients throughout the United States get money from personal injury cases. While we are an American pre-settlement funding company providing lawsuit settlement loans to personal injury victims nationwide, there are several states in the U.S. where we do not advance lawsuit funding. Cochran Cash currently offers accident loans to car accident claimants in most states such as:

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Cochran is the Best Lawsuit Cash Advance Provider for Your Accident Loan Needs

"Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance made it easy for me to borrow money against my car accident claim settlement in 1 day. I really didn't think the process could really be that simple. I filled out the application, they processed my request for funds the same day, and I got the funding into my bank account the very next day. I appreciate the great service and of course the cash I got for my case. I recommend this lending company to anyone looking for a fast lawsuit cash advance."

Stephanie M., Connecticut