Type of Cases Eligible for Lawsuit Cash Advances

Lawsuits We Fund: Cases Eligible for Pre-Settlement Cash Advances

At Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance, our lawsuit funding company helps people get cash for lawsuit settlements while they’re waiting to recover financial compensation for their injuries. Our team of pre-settlement funding underwriters have vast experience underwriting a wide range of injury case types for pre-settlement cash advances. Find out right now if your injury case is eligible for a pre-settlement advance from Cochran Cash during the time you’re waiting on the money from a settled case.

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance has the experience, knowledge, and resources to consider pre-settlement funding for wide range of cases. Specifically, we specialize in injury claims arising out of third-party negligence and accidents at work.

If you got hurt, have a lawyer, and are involved in a lawsuit (or claim) seeking financial compensation for your damages, you can contact our legal funding department to speak with a specialist who can inform you of your settlement advance options. The following are just a few of the many cases that qualify for case funding consideration.

Case Types We Consider

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Auto Accident Cases

For accident victims who have been injured in automobile accidents, Cochran Cash offers pre-settlement advances for car accident claims, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bus accident, hit and run injury cases, and semi-truck crashes.

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Premises Liability Claims

For plaintiffs who have premises liability cases, pre-settlement funding offers immediate cash relief. This financial option can help personal injury victims and wrongful death plaintiffs who are pursuing compensation damages.

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Workplace Accident Cases

The case funding underwriting team at Cochran Cash specialize in pre-settlement advance for workplace injury cases. We offer workers' compensation loans, FELA train accident settlement funding, and Jones Act lawsuit settlement advances.

Commercial truck accident lawsuit funding.png

Commercial Truck Accidents

Cochran Cash provides pre-settlement funding for semi-truck accident lawsuits. With commercial truck accident lawsuit loans, personal injury victims can get a cash advance against their truck accident settlement to help pay the bills until they get the money from a tractor trailer truck accident lawsuit settlement.

Pre settlement funding for product liability settlements.png

Product Liability Lawsuits

For plaintiffs who have been injured by a defective item, have a product liability lawsuit, and are awaiting money from a lawsuit settlement, Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance provides product liability lawsuit funding to help you get lawsuit cash today before you win an out-of-court settlement or you're awarded damages.

Personal Injury Loans.png

Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury lawsuits come in many different forms. If you have suffered serious injuries because of someone else’s negligence and you’re entitled to file a lawsuit to recover financial compensation for damages caused by a person, business, or corporation, you can apply for personal injury loan before your case is settled.

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