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Pre-Settlement Funding FAQs: Get answers to commonly asked questions about lawsuit advances

Although getting pre-settlement funding for your pending lawsuit is a fairly simple and straightforward process, you may still have questions about how lawsuits advances work and need answers regarding what exactly is the process for getting cash for lawsuit settlements.

This frequently asked questions page will give you the answers you need about using a lawsuit advance to borrow money against your pending lawsuits. If you still have questions or concerns about lawsuit lending after reading through this page, please call our legal funding department to speak with a pre-settlement funding expert who can answer any questions you currently have.


Why Cochran Cash

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngLawsuit Cash Advances in 24 Hours

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Credit Check Required

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Job Requirements

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Monthly Payments

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Upfront Fees

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngSimple Pre-Settlement Funding Process

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngIf You Lose Your Case, Owe Nothing

Do I need to have a lawyer to get a pre-settlement cash advance from your funding company

In order to meet the basic underwriting requirements for qualifying for pre-settlement funding through Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance, the borrower must have an attorney representing him/his in an injury claim.

Do I need to have good credit to get lawsuit loan

No, you do not need to have good credit score to qualify for a lawsuit loan through Cochran Cash. Lawsuit loans are based on the facts of your injury case and not your credit history. A reputable pre-settlement funding will never pull your credit report in order to consider or qualify you for a loan on your lawsuit.

Does your pre settlement funding company provide workers compensation case loans in my state

Unlike lawsuit loans for personal injury victims, workers compensation settlement advances are available to employees with pending insurance claims in a few select states. If you're searching for a nationwide pre-settlement funding company offering settlement advances on workers comp case in the most states, Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance is proud to provide settlement loans in the following areas across the U.S.A.: Alaska; Arizona; Connecticut; Delaware; Florida; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Louisiana; Mississippi; Missouri; Montana; North Dakota; Oklahoma; Rhode Island; South Dakota; Washington; West Virginia; and Wyoming.

What happens if my case does not settle or I lose my lawsuit

Lawsuit advances are provided to plaintiffs on a non-recourse, risk-free basis. With that said, if you lose your injury case or don't recover money from the lawsuit, you can keep the pre-settlement cash advance and owe nothing. Repayment of the cash advance is only required if your attorney obtains a lawsuit payout.

How can I get started and begin the process of getting approved for a lawsuit advance

Our pre-settlement funding company is ready to guide you through the cash advance process. If you're ready to get started and put in your application to take out a lawsuit advance before your case is settled, all you have to do is fill out the short, free, and simple online application form. If it's during regular business hours, you can call us to do an application right over the phone by speaking with a legal funding specialist.

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