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Lawsuit Advances Provide Instant Cash for Injury Cases

Get a lawsuit cash advance against your personal injury case or workers' compensation claim settlement today! At Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance (Cochran Cash), our lawsuit funding company offers lawsuit cash advances, sometimes called "lawsuit loans", to plaintiffs who are in the midst of a civil lawsuit.

Pre-settlement funding is the mechanism many litigants use to get a loan or advancement on the lawsuit money from a settled case. If you're waiting on the money from a lawsuit, finding the cash to cover your living expenses can be difficult. Fortunately, individuals who have a lawsuit pending and need money to pay their medical expenses and bills can now turn to a reputable lawsuit lender for immediate cash relief.

Qualifying for a pre-settlement advance is simple when you choose the best lawsuit funding company for your cash advance needs. If you got hurt in an accident or suffered serious injuries due to third-party negligence and you're involved in a lawsuit, Cochran Cash can provide you with a fast, low cost lawsuit advance on the settlement money you're expecting to get from a lawsuit payout.

To begin the process of borrowing money against your lawsuit, simply fill out the loan application below or call us toll-free at 1-888-875-6049 to speak with a legal funding specialist.

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Get lawsuit funding up $100,000

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Usage rates as low as 2.9%

The Process of Getting Pre-Settlement Advances for Pending Lawsuits

Pre-settlement funding is a relatively simple process that allows you to get a cash advance based on the financial compensation you're entitled to receive from a pending lawsuit. How this lawsuit finanical process works is very straightforward for clients and the attorneys who represent them.

To have an accurate understanding on how pre-settlement loans work for people pursuing lawsuit, you should first think of this lending option as less of a loan and more as a case advance. Personal loans and lawsuit funding loans are distinctively different programs. While banks and other creditors provide personal loans to borrowers based on their credit score and income, lawsuit lenders advance settlement loans based on the claimants' anticipated recovery from a settled case.

With legal lending, there's no credit check, no job requirements, and no income requirements. Qualifying is determined by the facts of your personal injury case and the legal funding underwriter’s estimated value of your lawsuit.

3-Step Lawsuit Cash Advance Process:

Process of Lawsuit Advances.pngYou begin the lawsuit cash advance process by applying online or completing a phone application by calling our legal funding department to speak with a funding specialist.

Process #2 of Lawsuit Advances.pngOur lawsuit funding underwriter will contact your lawyer to gather some information about your injury case. The data we get from your attorney will allow us to determine how much cash we can advance to you during your lawsuit.

Process #3 of Lawsuit Advances.pngWe'll send the money directly to you according to your payment instructions. After the case funding is finalized, the cash is sent same day. You have the option of receiving the fund by same day wire transfer; direct deposit into your bank account; or check mailed via overnight delivery.

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No Credit Check

Your credit score does not impact the legal funding decision. We do not pull your credit report or check your credit history.

No Monthly Payments

Borrowers are not required to make any monthly payments. Your attorney will pay back the cash advance if you win the lawsuit or settle the case.

No Upfront Fees

When you take out a settlement loan from a reputable lawsuit funding company, you do not have to pay any upfront fees

No Risk Lending

Pre-settlement funding is a risk-free financial option for claimants pursuing pain and suffering compensation. No upfront costs & no-risk lending!

Cochran makes the process of obtaining cash for your lawsuit Fast, Easy, & Hassle-Free!

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Fill out the short online form or call us to apply by phone:1-888-875-6049

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We work together with your law firm to obtain the necessary case information

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You and your attorney will sign the funding agreement and email / fax it back to us

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Get the funds deposited into your bank account; wired Western Union; or have a check mailed overnight delivery.

Cases Eligible for Settlement Funding through Cochran Cash

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance provides flexible pre-settlement funding options for many different types of injury cases. With perhaps the best pre-settlement funding underwriting in the industry, our company has experienced underwriters that specialize in cash advances for third-party litigation and job-related injury claims arising out of accidents in the workplace. From car accident settlement advances to wrongful death lawsuit loans and personal injury lawsuit funding, Cochran has the knowledge and resources to consider a wide range of lawsuits for case funding.

If you're unsure whether or not we can consider your specific claim for a settlement advance, feel free to call us, send an email, or use the contact form found on the Contact Us page.

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Get cash today before your lawsuit settles

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Wendy S. | Texas Client

Cochran Cash went above and beyond to help me take out a loan on my lawsuit the very same day. I had a family emergency and had to come up with money in a hurry. After coming across an advertisement about victims borrowing against lawsuits, I decided to apply. The process was easy. All I had to do was complete the application and minutes later a rep called me to follow up on my loan request. After waiting a few hours, another rep called me with the good news that my application was approved. I explained my emergency and she did her best to speed up the funding. I got the money by Western Union just in time. If you are involved in a personal injury case and have to find money fast, do yourself a favor and contact this lender to get qualified for a lawsuit loan fast.

Pre Settlement Case Advances are Available in Many Areas

Cochran is proud to offer pre-settlement case funding services nationwide to clients who need immediate cash relief during the long, drawn out legal claim process. Depending on the type of injury you have suffered and the circumstances surrounding your case, our legal funding company may be able to advance settlement loans near you. Although we are a national lawsuit funding company lending a helping hand to claimants throughout the U.S., there are a few states where we do provide offer pre-settlement funding services.

The following are the locations in the United States where legal funding companies typically do not offer pre settlement case advances: Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, South Carolina, Maryland, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

If you have a workers' compensation case and want to know if injured employees are eligible to get a cash advance in your state, please refer to the state-by-state eligibility list below to determine if Cochran can provide pre-settlement funding for workers comp claims near you.

Negligence Lawsuit Case Funding State by State Availability:

Do I have a pending negligence case? A negligence lawsuit is a civil legal action that's filed by a person who suffered damages against the person or business that failed or neglected to use reasonable care and that careless act or omission causes damages and/or injury to another person.

For clients involved in third-party lawsuits & negligence cases such as car accidents & slip and falls, pre-settlement cash advances are available in the states listed below:

Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; California; Connecticut; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; Idaho; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Louisiana; Maine; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; Missouri; Montana; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; North Dakota; Ohio; Oklahoma; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; South Dakota; Tennessee; Texas; Utah; Vermont; Virginia; Washington; West Virginia; Wisconsin; and Wyoming.


Personal Injury Loans

Workers Compensation Case Funding:

Workers compensation is an insurance program that provides medical benefits and lost wage replacement to employees injured while on the job.

For those employees who got hurt in an accident at work and hired an attorney to file an insurance claim, cash advances are available in the following states while you’re waiting to get money from your workers’ compensation case:

Alaska; Arizona; Connecticut; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Louisiana; Mississippi; Missouri; Montana; North Dakota; Oklahoma; Rhode Island; South Dakota; Washington; West Virginia; and Wyoming.


Workers Compensation Loans

Cochran Cash Helps Injury Victims Get Case Advances Before Their Settlement

If you're struggling to pay your bills while waiting on the settlement money from a lawsuit payout, Cochran Cash has pre-settlement solutions to help you get funding today.

Lawsuit Funding Questions and Answers about Cash Advances

Do I need to have an attorney to get a settlement loan from your lawsuit funding company

One of the basic eligibility requirements to get funding for your personal injury case or accident claim is having hired an attorney to represent you in the filing of a legal claim. Without a lawyer, Cochran Cash is unable to consider your application for settlement funding. If you have an attorney working for you on a contingency fee basis and a claim has been filed with insurance company or defendant, our pre-settlement funding company can accept your case for funding consideration.

How do lawsuit cash advances work

During the stages of a lawsuit, or while you're attorney is negotiating a settlement with the insurance company claim adjuster, you may find yourself in need of cash and want to take out a lawsuit cash advance to tide you over until your case settles. A lawsuit cash advance is a pre-settlement option that provides immediate financial relief to plaintiffs who are unable to return to work and faced with insufficient income. With a lawsuit advance, you can borrow money against your pending lawsuit and then pay back the funding loan after your recover financial compensation from your injury case.

Benefits of a lawsuit cash advance from settlement funding companies

For the plaintiff facing financial setbacks or an unexpected emergency, a lawsuit cash advance is a financial lifeline that has many beneficial advantages. If your life has been turned upside down due to a devastating injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, you know first-hand the financial struggles plaintiffs experience while waiting to recover compensatory damages from a lawsuit.

The number one reasons plaintiffs take out a lawsuit cash advance is to get money fast to pay their bills and avoid disaster. Pre-settlement funding offers plaintiffs involved in the lawsuits the benefits of obtaining the cash needed to cover their medical bills, car loan payments, rent, mortgage payments, and more during the stages of a lawsuit.

Does your pre-settlement funding company provide lawsuit cash advance buyouts

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance is able to provide lawsuit funding buyouts to personal injury plaintiffs and accident victims who need additional pre-settlement cash advances while they're waiting for their case to settle with the insurance company or corporate defendant.

If we determine that your case warrants giving you another lawsuit loan during your pending lawsuit, we will arrange to buyout the prior or previous lawsuit funding lien by paying off the money you owe to first company and then giving you a second or third cash advance to tide you over until your attorney settles your lawsuit.

If you case is taking longer to settle that you had expected then go ahead and contact our case funding company to determine if your lawsuit qualifies for a buyout of your existing settlement loan lien.

During what stage in my lawsuit can I get an advance on my settlement

Plaintiffs, claimants, and victims who are entitled to receive financial compensation from an injury case or wrongful death lawsuit can qualify to get a cash advance during any phase of litigation. Whether you're case is in the pre-litigation phase, your attorney is trying to negotiate a claim settlement, or you’re going through the discovery stage or your lawsuit, you are free to contact Cochran Cash to review your options of obtaining an advance on your settlement money. If your attorney has sufficient case information and our underwriter can assess the estimated value of your case, we can certainly consider your case for funding.

Do you give cash advances in Chicago to plaintiffs involved in lawsuits

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance is now offering pre-settlement funding in Chicago, Illinois to plaintiffs seeking case advances against personal injury lawsuits and workers compensation claims in Chicago. In Illinois, personal injury claims can take a long time to settle. While your lawsuit is dragging out, you still need cash to cover your expenses. If waiting on the settlement money from your Chicago lawsuit is not an option and you’re considering a loan on your lawsuit, contact Cochran Cash to qualify for a fast lawsuit advancement.

We currently offer lawsuit lending services in the city of Chicago and throughout the entire state of Illinois to individuals awaiting financial compensation from an injury case.

Approved Case Funding


Construction Site Accident

For a construction worker in New York whose leg was fractured after he fell four stories in a scaffolding collapse.


Products Liability Case

For a plaintiffs expecting compensation from a products liability lawsuit payout after suffering permanent injury as the result of using a defective item manufactured by a Fortune 100 company.


Trip and Fall Lawsuit

For a tenant of a building who was caused to trip and fall down a flight of stairs due to hazardous conditions that were known to the property owner of the premises.


Car Accident

For a passenger of an automobile who suffered neck and back injuries when her car was rear-ended by a semi-truck.


Tractor Trailer Accident Settlement

For a driver who sustained life-changing injuries in a motor vehicle wreck caused by a negligent tractor trailer operator that resulted in the victim suffering femur fracture, head injury, and herniated discs.


Wrongful Death Lawsuit

For a surviving family member of the deceased who was entitled to recovering monetary compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the negligent defendant.

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