Personal Injury Settlement Loans

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance gives settlement loans to personal injury victims who are waiting to get money from a lawsuit. If you hired an attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit, settlement loans provide you with a cash advance against your injury claim. Lawsuit loans, sometimes referred to as settlement loans, are available to help you weather the financial crisis until you recover monetary compensation from a settled case.

Qualified personal injury victims can take out settlement loans from $1,000 to $100,000 during the course of their lawsuit. The process of qualifying for a personal injury loan through Cochran Cash is easy. The first step in borrowing money against a settlement for a personal injury lawsuit is applying for lawsuit cash today. Plaintiffs have the option of calling or using the online form to apply.

Choosing the right lawsuit funding provider is critical. When considering personal injury loans, only choose from among the best pre-settlement funding companies with risk-free and hassle-free legal lending options. In this instance, risk-free legal financing means there's no credit check, no upfront fees, and no monthly payments.

The most impressive feature of our personal injury funding program is the “lose your case, owe nothing” guarantee. Unlike a personal loan from a bank, settlement funding from lawsuit funding providers is a non-recourse cash advance. The settlement loan is paid back when the lawsuit settles.

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