Workers comp settlement cash advance

Settlement Loans on Workers Compensation Cases

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance, the nationwide pre-settlement funding company, provides cash assistance to employees injured on the job by helping them get loans on workers compensation claims while waiting for the payout from an insurance settlement. Unlike personal injury loans, workers comp loans are a form of legal funding for workers comp claimants seeking risk-free cash advances against workers compensation cases.

An accident at work can causes serious and debilitating injuries. While WC covers lost income for missed time at work, wage replacement benefits only covers a small percentage of the employee's earnings. When an accident in the workplace has left you struggling to pay your bills, consider using a pre-settlement advance to get cash to pay your rent, auto loan payments, groceries, and mortgage payments until you're awarded a payout from your employer’s insurance company.

Insurance claims don't settle quickly. In fact, accident victims who have suffered life-changing injuries often wait years. Workers' compensation settlement funding is a way for those employees injured on the job to get money to cover living expenses when the benefit they're entitled to receive from a workers' compensation claim is not sufficient.

Cochran Cash is the #1 funding source for victims of workplace injuries seeking a cash advance for workers compensation claim. If you've suffered an occupational injury and hired an attorney to file a workers' comp claim on your employer's insurance policy, consider applying for pre-settlement funding to get a cash advance on the future compensation you expect to get from a work injury lawsuit settlement.

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