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Lawsuit Cash Advance

Do you have a lawsuit or were you hurt in an accident? If you have a pending or settled lawsuit and have a lawyer representing you, you can get a No Credit Check cash advance against your future lawsuit settlement money. No Hassle!

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance is a trusted U.S. lawsuit funding company. We provide cash advance loans to personal injury accident victims, lawsuit plaintiffs, and people who have been hurt at work. If you need CASH NOW, before you get money from your settlement, then call Cochran Cash for a fast approval settlement loan at 1-888-875-6049. We can get you cash on your expected settlement from $500 to $75,000 in 24 hours.

The process to get approved for a cash advance against a lawsuit is easy. Please take a few moments now to complete the online application or call us. We will handle the rest for you! We'll obtain the necessary documents from your lawyer and determine the No Out of Pocket Fee, No-Risk funding advance you qualify for.

Lawsuit Cash Today

We have been helping injured accident victims for many years. Thousands of lawsuit plaintiffs and injured accident victims from all across the United States have turned to Cochran Cash to get cash cash advance on a lawsuit settlement.

Give us a call today toll-free at 1-888-875-6049 with any questions or feel free to fill out the form. It takes just two minutes to apply, so don't wait! The call is free and you there is no obligation just for applying with Cochran Lawsuit Cash so you have nothing to lose.

At Cochran Lawsuit Cash, we know all about the insurance claim and litigation process. Lawsuits can take a long time to settle and come to a final resolution. Insurance companies and corporate defendants will do their very best to delay the settlement process. Don't let the delay and deny practices force you into accepting a low ball lawsuit offer.

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance Facts

Cochran Cash is the smart choice in lawsuit settlement loans. When you work with us, you get the Cochran advantage!

Advantage Advantage 2
No Credit Check Approval in 24 Hours
93% Approval Rate Easy Application Process
Pay Back ONLY If you Win No Monthly Payments
Direct Lawsuit Underwriting Bank Wire or Overnight Check
NO Income Verification $500 to $75,000
Expert Lawsuit Funding Specialist Trusted Industry Leader
You Get Individual Attention We are Friendly Professionals
Simple, Easy to Read Paperwork Flexible Funding Options

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Plaintiff Lawsuit Funding - Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance

Why lawsuit funding?

We know that waiting for a lawsuit to settle can be stressful. During this time, you may become overwhelmed with financial hardships or frustrated by an emergency requiring lawsuit cash now. If you are unable to work, have overwhelming medical expenses, or just need fast cash to survive until you get your lawsuit settlement money then a lawsuit cash advance may be your best solution. Call 1-888-875-6049 or apply online online for faster processing and approval.

Benefits of Auto Accident Lawsuit Cash Advance

Auto Accident Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance.jpg

Being a driver, you never know what awaits you on the roads of our country. Anything can happen during a simple trip through the city.

Med Mal Lawsuit Cash Advance

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance.jpg

We are one of the few lawsuit funding companies in the U.S. with specialized expertise in medical malpractice settlement funding and wrongful death lawsuit funding.

What is a Trip and Fall Lawsuit Cash Advance and How to Use It

Trip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpg

No matter how secure your home is, you never know when you might stumble up the stairs, hit the corner of a table painfully, or drop something heavy.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Cash Advance

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlement Cash Loans.jpg

A slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries. If you fell down and got hurt because of the negligence of another and have an attorney, call or apply online now.

Tips & Tricks to Save Money for Your Car Repairs

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Repairing your car can come with many disadvantages. The first thing you think about when your car breaks down is how much you will pay to repair it.

Settled Lawsuit Cash Advance

Settlement Lawsuit Cash Advance.jpg

Sometimes even after you have settled your lawsuit, it may take weeks or months until you get the check. If you have a settlement but need to borrow some money, call us.