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Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance is a direct legal funding underwriting company providing insurance settlement loans and lawsuit cash advance to accident victims and plaintiffs throughout the United States.

  • Fastest Approval
  • Easy Process
  • $500 to $200,000 in Lawsuit Advance Funding
  • No Credit Check
  • We Approve More Applicants
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • No Credit Check; No Out of Pocket Fees, Ever


Lawsuit Advance Funding

Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance helps accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs by providing them with Fast cash advance loans while they are waiting for their lawsuit settlement money. If you need money now, we can get you approved for a lawsuit advance to help your pay your living expenses and survive financially while your wait for the long litigation process to come to an end. With Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance on your side, you and your attorney can take all the time needed to get you the best settlement  you deserve from your pending lawsuit. 

Qualifying if Easy. There is no credit check, no out of pocket fees, and no monthly payments. In addition, if you do not win or settle your personal injury lawsuit, you are not obligated to pay back the lawsuit advance funding.

Lawsuit advance funding has saved thousands of lawsuit victims from low-ball settlements, eviction, repossession, debt collector calls, and foreclosure proceedings.

More and more lawsuit plaintiffs and accident victims are turning to legal cash advance for fast financial relief. Get lawsuit advance funding now if you have a lawsuit and lawyer and need a cash advance on your lawsuit settlement. In just 24 hours, Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance can advance you a portion of your expected lawsuit settlement with No Credit Check.

Lawsuit advance funding can help you to hold out for a fair and often times larger accident settlement. In addition, the lawsuit cash advance funding can be used to assist you with paying bills or other financial obligation while you wait for your lawsuit money.

Lawsuit Cash Advance Funding

It can take years to win a fair settlement from your lawsuit. Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance is committed to helping plaintiff get all the money they deserve by providing legal cash advance loans.

You can use the lawsuit cash advance funding for anything you need.  Thousands have used the lawsuit cash advance to pay their rent, car payment, child care expenses, mortgage, customary living expenses, and other financial obligations.

Don't let overwhelming bills or money problems force you to settle you injury lawsuit for a low-ball insurance settlement offer. We understand the frustration and worries you are going though and we have the financial products to help you meet your financial obligation and fight the insurance company for all the money you deserve for your pain and suffering. Call us today 1-888-875-6049 or apply online to borrow money for a lawsuit settlement in 24 hours.

Lawsuit Advance

We are America's leading lawsuit advance funding company. No one can get you approved for lawsuit funding faster than Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance. We are a direct legal funding provider, which means we can offer your more money at much lower rates. 

We provide lawsuit advances for most accident lawsuit types, such as auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, bus accidents, hit and run accidents, car accidents, subway and train accidents, motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian knock down accidents, and many more.

Don't worry if you have been denied a lawsuit advance by another legal funding company. Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance can often approve lawsuit plaintiffs for legal loans when other legal funding companies won't.

Save yourself time, worry, and stress and get lawsuit advance funding online today by filling out the online application form or calling our lawsuit funding department at 1-888-875-6049.