Cash Advance Against A Lawsuit

Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance

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Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance is a trusted leader in lawsuit funding, serving lawsuit plaintiffs and injured accident victims in the United States. As a national lawsuit advance company, we presently offer legal lending to plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs in about 46 across America.

Our business model is simple: What advance money to people who are expecting future settlements and who are represented by an attorney. Our friendly and knowledgeable legal funding team has helped thousands of people just like you get cash when they needed it the most.

Why Cochran Cash

When you applying with Cochran Funding, we provide 24 Hour Lawsuit Funding, No Credit Check Approval, Flexible Funding Terms, No Monthly Payments, Personal Service, No Out of Pocket Costs, and 93% Approval.

Lawsuit cash advances were borne of necessity.  Lawsuits can take a long time to settle and come to a final disposition. During this long period, many plaintiff experience dire financial hardship and money problems. In the past, plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs experiencing hardships would often settle for pennies on the dollar rather than fight for all the money they deserve.

A lawsuit advance can help relieve the pressure to settle for a low ball insurance settlement offer by a your expected future settlement. Lawsuit cash advances puts cash in your hands now and empowers you and your lawyer to fight for the best lawsuit settlement. Use the settlement funding to maintain your lifestyle and meet your financial obligations.

No other U.S. settlement funding company can offer you a lawsuit advance faster than Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance. That's probably the main reason more and more plaintiffs and accident victims are turning to us as their first choice for lawsuit lending.

Lawsuit Cash Advance Solution

Settlement funding has saved thousands from low ball offers, repossession, evictions, and bill collections calls. 

There is no paperwork or long form to complete. All you have to do is apply online now or call us at 1-888-875-6049. We will do the rest including contacting your law firm for the necessary information.

Save yourself time and stress and call us today. A lawsuit cash advance specialist is ready and waiting to assist you. And unlike other lawsuit funding companies, we will not waste your time. We know you need help and we are ready to help you.