Get lawsuit cash today before your settlement

Pre-Settlement Funding Help You Get Lawsuit Cash Today

Personal injury cases can take a long time to settle. When an injury results in your inability to return to work, finding cash to cover your bills can be difficult. Fortunately, plaintiffs who need money before they settle a pending case can get lawsuit cash today from Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance. If you’ve been seriously injured and have a civil lawsuit pending, our pre-settlement funding company can help you obtain lawsuit cash today by allowing you to borrow against the proceeds of a future lawsuit payout and receive the funds you need now to pay your auto loan payments, living expenses, mortgage payments, and more.

How can a lawsuit loan help me during the stages of my lawsuit?

Getting injured in an accident is bad enough, but when a personal injury lawsuit is dragging on because the defendant is taking a long time to make an adequate insurance settlement offer, that’s literally adding insult to injury. At Cochran Cash, our lawsuit funding understands the financial struggles clients often experience during litigation. That's why we offer people who have lawsuit pending fast, hassle-free lawsuit loans while they’re awaiting monetary compensation from a lawsuit payout.

A lawsuit loan can help to alleviate the financial pressure claimants face during the stages of a lawsuit by providing them with a fast lawsuit cash advance to cover their living expenses and financial needs until they recover the settlement money from a lawsuit.

Do lawsuit funding companies require a credit check of the borrower?

Each lawsuit funding company has unique underwriting qualifications. Reputable lawsuit funding providers do not require borrowers undergo a credit check in order to get a cash for a pending injury case. As a professional lawsuit financial institution, we determine your eligibility for a lawsuit cash advance based on the circumstances surrounding your claim and the type of injury you have suffered and course of medical treatment.

Here are a few of the many benefits of obtaining lawsuit cash today from Cochran:

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngLawsuit Cash Advances in 24 Hours

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Credit Check Required

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Job Requirements

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Monthly Payments

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngNo Upfront Fees

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngSimple Pre-Settlement Funding Process

Benefits of a Pre Settlement Advance.pngIf You Lose Your Case, Owe Nothing

How fast can I get the lawsuit cash advance?

Allow Cochran to assist you in getting a lawsuit cash advance fast by applying right now to borrow against your expected lawsuit payout today. We know many plaintiffs have pressing financial needs and can't afford to wait on the money from a personal injury lawsuit. That’s why our pre-settlement lawsuit funding company works quickly to help you qualify for a fast, low cost lawsuit cash advance in hours, not days.

How can I get an advance on my lawsuit today?

If you're ready to get lawsuit cash today from a professional legal funding company servicing plaintiffs nationwide, contact Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance now by applying for a settlement loan fast. To begin the process, just fill out the application online or give us a call at 1-888-875-6049.

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