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When you have suffered serious injuries in a slip and fall accident and need money during your premises liability lawsuit, consider applying for pre-settlement funding for slip and fall lawsuits to obtain cash before you reach a settlement. Slip and fall lawsuit funding is not a loan, but it allows victims of slip and falls to get a cash advance against a pending injury case.

While you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, slip and fall cases don’t settle quickly. It can take years to win money from a personal injury claim. When waiting on your money from a slip and fall claim settlement is not option, Cochran Lawsuit Cash Advance can give you fast cash for your lawsuit settlement until you've been awarded monetary damages for your slip and fall injuries.

Cochran Cash makes qualifying for slip and fall loans simple. If you slipped and fell on property owned by a person or business due to a dangerous condition and hired an attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit, you meet the minimum requirements to get case funding while you wait to collect the money you’re entitled to get from a settled case.

It's easy to borrow money against your lawsuit when you choose best lawsuit cash advance company offering fast, low cost pre-settlement funding services to plaintiffs nationwide. Apply now to get lawsuit cash now from $500 to $100,000 in as little as little as 24 hours. The funding is risk-free, so there's no credit check, no upfront fees, and no monthly payment. If the case pay nothing! Plaintiffs are only responsible for repayment if they win their lawsuit or recover monetary compensation through an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company of the defendant.

Just because your slip and fall case is taking long and you need to find money to pay the bills, doesn’t mean you have to settle your claim quickly for a low settlement offer. Pre-settlement funding for personal injury cases is a financially empowering tool that helps you hold out for maximum compensation by providing you with cash against your future settlement before your case is settled!


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Personal Injury Funding Before Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlements

Litigants nationwide turn to lawsuit funding companies for financial support when they want to take out personal injury funding prior to winning a slip and fall case. Unlike banks and unscrupulous lawsuit lenders, reputable lawsuit funding providers allow slip and fall victims to borrow money against a legal claim settlement with having to undergo a credit check.

Getting hurt in a slip and fall accident on someone else's premises rarely results in the insurance company of the property owner making a fair settlement offer quickly. In fact, pursuing an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit takes time and money.

Personal injury settlement funding works by giving you a portion of your lawsuit money today so you can stay afloat financially. Another benefit of lawsuit lending for slip and fall injuries is the funds you obtain during your case allows your attorney to take additional time to negotiate a fair personal injury settlement or prepare your lawsuit for trial, if the insurance claims adjuster is unwilling to adequately compensate you for the pain and suffering you've sustained.

With significant experience underwriting premises liability cases in many different jurisdictions, our lawsuit funding underwriters specialize in slip and fall lawsuit financing for all types. As the litigation funding experts in premises liability laws, we can consider slip and fall & trip and fall lawsuit advancements for many different theories of liability.

In order to win your slip and fall injury claim, your attorney will need to prove that the property owner and/or manager is liable or responsible for causing your injuries. The defendant almost always denies legal liability and utilizes various tactics to delay the lawsuit process. Fortunately, personal injury plaintiffs can use a pre-settlement advance on injury claims to pay day to day financial obligations during the stages of libation. It only takes a few moments apply with us— Just call or fill out the application below to get started.

Why Cochran Cash

Benefits of a Slip and Fall Accident Settlement Advance.pngGet Funding in 24 Hours

Benefits of a Slip and Fall Accident Settlement Advance.pngNo Credit Check Required

Benefits of a Slip and Fall Accident Settlement Advance.pngNo Income Requirements

Benefits of a Slip and Fall Accident Settlement Advance.pngNo Monthly Payments

Benefits of a Slip and Fall Accident Settlement Advance.pngNo Upfront Fees to Apply

Benefits of a Slip and Fall Accident Settlement Advance.pngSimple Funding Process

Benefits of a Slip and Fall Accident Settlement Advance.pngIf You Lose Your Case, Pay Nothing

Legal Funding Requirements

Find out if you're eligible for funding on your legal claim right now. If you got seriously hurt in a slip and fall / trip and fall accident caused by a hazardous or defective condition, hired a lawyer, and you're entitled to recover compensation, then you meet the basic eligibility requirements to apply for case funding through Cochran Cash until your slip and fall case is won.

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Slip and Fall Lawsuit Payouts

Winning a premises liability lawsuit takes a great deal of experience and resources.

The laws pertaining to slip and fall cases are very specific and unique. It would be in a victim's best interest to hire a knowledgeable attorney who has significant experience litigating slip and fall cases and who has tried premises liability lawsuit to verdict.

Winning a large settlement depends on how well you and your lawyer can prove the elements of legal liability against the owner and manager of the property where the injury occurred. Through your attorney, you have the burden of proving:

  1. Liability: The defendant owed a duty.
  2. Negligence: The defendant breached that duty.
  3. Causation: The breached or negligence caused you damages.
  4. Damages: You suffered economic and/or non-economic damages as a direct result of the negligence.

Some states have higher requirements in order to be legally entitled to recover compensation from a slip and fall payout. Contact us today if you would like a free case funding review.