Uber Accident Lawsuit Funding

Uber and Lyft are ride-booking services that connect drivers with passengers. Like all operators of motor vehicles, Ubers drivers have a duty to operate their automobile in a safe manner. When an Uber driver is at fault for causing a car accident that results in serious injuries to passengers and other motorists, the injured victim can sue the Uber driver responsible for causing the crash.

Negligent-free auto accident victims such as passengers in an Uber car are entitled to recover compensation for pain and suffering. Many plaintiffs involved in personal injury lawsuit often wait a long time to be awarded damages from an accident claim. If your bills are piling up while you’re waiting on the money from an Uber insurance claim, our lawsuit funding company can help you find cash to pay the bills.

To help you get through until you win your personal injury case, Cochran can provide you with a settlement loan cover your bills. Injured motorists and Uber passengers use car accident lawsuit loans to get a cash advance against their Uber accident settlement during the stages of litigation.

Lawsuit lending is available from $1,000 to $100,000 in as little as 24 hours. There’s no credit check and no upfront fees. Using car accident loans to borrow money against a portion of your lawsuit is based on the settlement money you’re entitled to receive from an injury claim.

Qualifying is determined by the type of injuries caused by the Uber accident and the course of medical treatment you received due to the crash. Apply now if you were injured in an Uber accident, have a car accident lawsuit pending, and need funding before you win monetary compensation from a claim settlement.

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